Bahrenfelder Carrée, a contract project in Hamburg


Arredo3 was selected by CG Elementum, one of the most innovative German property-development companies, to take part in the Bahrenfelder Carrée building project in Hamburg which guarantees environmentally-friendly materials, high energy-efficiency standards and a centralised ventilation system. It was their first residential development project with shops and it was achieved using a sustainable digital construction method called Building Information Modelling (BIM). This parametric model contains all the information for the entire life cycle of the structure, ensuring optimised planning, implementation and management phases, right up until the time of decommissioning. Now drawing to an end, the extremely environmentally-friendly residential project called Bahrenfelder Carrée was one of Arredo3’s 2022 contract undertakings and it supplied 167 kitchens of a suitable calibre for this ambitious venture. We proposed our modern Cloe model, a functional haute-design kitchen which lends itself to various requirements. One residential complex was completed with 107 compositions in a glossy bianco lacquer featuring black worktops with an alluring natural-stone aesthetic while another complex was fitted out with 60 kitchens in UV Grigio Orion matt lacquer - here again featuring worktops in a contrasting shade with a Beton finish and a more industrial cement-like feel. Come and find out about other Arredo3 contract projects carried out the world over. Write to us for any enquires you might have and fill in the special contact form.

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