Cedrus Liget: a green contract project

19 DECEMBER 2021

2021 brought Arredo3 to Hungary where the company eagerly took part in the “Cedrus Liget” project, a sustainable venture which involves the construction of new buildings in the heart of the city of Szeged. The various edifices in the residential area epitomise a new way of life where the environment and people’s lifestyles play an increasingly central role.   Green and modern, Cedrus Liget is a perfect example of a new innovative dwelling immersed in lush greenery yet boasting all the convenience of central-city living. Arredo3 made its contribution to the project by supplying 600 Cloe kitchens for the flats, thus doing its part in this extraordinary undertaking whose aim it is to build and furnish housing in complete harmony with the environment.   The Cloe kitchen strikes an ideal balance between aesthetic beauty, design expertise and all the practicality that you need from a kitchen. This is why it lends itself to an innovative dynamic project created for people with an eye to future and high hopes for a better world.   Arredo3 is also committed to supplying kitchens for contract-sector projects all over the world. Everything that it has achieved so far can be viewed here.  For any enquiries, please send in a request using this special form.

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