Cloe, a modern kitchen - understated but packed with personality

21 OCTOBER 2021

Arredo3’s Cloe is a modern, functional and hugely versatile kitchen with a high-end design and powerful personality. It takes on one semblance after another with new finishes, lending itself to a host of different combinations and expressions of style. A design chameleon that ensures characterfulness without ever seeming overdone. There is an attractive medley of classic features and modern elements: vintage handles or edgy grip ledges have been used to complete base units and wall units. Cloe is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a youthful, compact and up-for-anything kitchen. Rendered in neutral hues, it creates a sophisticated setting that evokes spontaneity, sobriety and elegance at the same time. One instance of this is an all-white minimalist kitchen with white UV-glossy lacquered base and wall units. It is the epitome of tonal chic and refined minimalism. Its pristine beauty is complemented by the purity of the Atlanta oak synchronised-pore laminate on column units, shelving and panels and acts as a nonchalant foil to the special 801 laminate on the top and snack counter. It is also an ideal solution for homes where space is at a premium. Cloe also allows you to make a bold statement with sharp contrasts and interesting colour schemes on the one hand, and juxtaposed textures on the other, for a multi-sensory experience. An example of this is a colourful kitchen with an island. It draws inspiration from nature with a delicate yet modern aesthetic: the neutral-hued base units of the Alabama synchronised-pore laminate are the perfect way to offset the warm shades of the wall units in matt juniper silk laminate, as well as the cool tone of the countertop in Kristal 851 quartz. Space is sharply defined by the burnished profiles of the Plana grip ledges, plinths, Factory bookshelves and open shelving. Thus, the environment gains in balance and orderliness. Get in touch with your local retailer to find out more about Cloe, a modern, functional and exquisitely designed kitchen for homeowners who want a youthful, compact and ready-for-anything composition.

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