Channel your style in the kitchen with Frida! 

24 FEBRUARY 2022

Uncompromisingly elegant and excitingly bold, Frida's purpose in life from the very start has been to rip up the rulebook. This collection was designed for those who want to do things “their way”, and, with a hugely versatile and varied range of finishes and special accessories, it makes it easy for homeowners to achieve a highly personal kitchen composition which combines a classic and contemporary aesthetic.   One common trait of all Frida kitchens, though, is the solid-wood framed cabinet door with integrated handles, which not only makes it practical, but gives it a pristine appearance. This kitchen lends itself to any kind of finish, from lacquered open-pore to a wood or pickled finish. A dash of refinement can be incorporated by using glass cabinet doors which are particularly suitable for wall units where they usher in an airy atmosphere and visually break up the whole composition. Classic-style lovers will probably want to bring interest to the glass cabinets with a wood decoration.   Frida takes on many different guises thanks to a series of accessories that transform the various compositions, expressing the homeowners’ own individual taste and meeting their specific requirements. Shelving, panels, handles and plinths are all details that can turn a kitchen around and make it more functional too.   With a sleek simple silhouette, the Frida collection makes for compositions that will elevate any setting, whether they be modern open-space areas which lend themselves to large islands or peninsulas, or whether they be smaller more classic kitchens for which a one-wall or corner design will surely be the best option.   Be inspired by Frida’s versatile potential and get in touch with your nearest Arredo3 dealer to start planning your own bespoke kitchen. 

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