Do it yourself with Arredo3: Christmas special!


We have never realised, as much as this year, how much our home is the welcoming and safe place where we spend our time, enjoy experiences and create memories. Christmas 2020 will have special appeal, much more intimate and authentic. Now that the moment has arrived to give free rein to our creativity and make perfect decorations, we want to share some ideas with you to enhance your kitchen, and all the rooms you want, with the Christmas spirit. This Christmas, the temperatures that are starting to become typically wintery and this particular time in history, will play a decisive role in warming the atmosphere of our homes: we can therefore find room for candles and small lights, combined with material supports in wood, glass and branches of fir and holly. Recycled materials or those borrowed from the kitchen can be ideal for making a table centrepiece and decorating other corners of the home: jars, tins or transparent glass stands for cakes and cupcakes can become the perfect holders for our candles and lights, preferably with warm light bulbs, embellished with leaves and berries. Wood is clearly the key ingredient: not only does it immediately remind us of the typical trees of this festive period but it is also definitely the warm material par excellence. We can use wooden planks to create open boxes in which to place candles and twigs, or recycle sections of logs as place mats or structural components of a centrepiece. Of course, there are no strict rules, let yourself be inspired and adapt these small suggestions to your homes and tastes.

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