Summer in the kitchen: the new colours from Arredo3

26 AUGUST 2022

Fresh, bright and bold. Summer shades invade the kitchen area, energising cabinet doors, worktops and furnishing accessories. Full of expressive potential, colour has the power to transform a room and when you bring it into the kitchen, the heart of any home, it stimulates creativity and contributes to a welcoming, comfortable and familiar atmosphere.   Arredo3 embraces the opportunity for kitchen customisation with innovative hues that are replete with meaning and add originality to the setting. Indeed, for the Kalì model, it presents its new shades for recycled PET, a material that delivers not only sustainability, but also colours which go from lighter tones like Panama to darker ones like Stromboli. Amongst the various hues, there is red Bali, a bright sassy red which is an ideal complement to neutrals, enlivening any kitchen area and elevating it with original characterful elegance. But Kalì also comes in blue Islanda which is a perfect way to usher in a pleasantly relaxing environment that taps into the refreshing blue hues of the sea; on the other hand, the green Amazonia channels a special vibe and all the power of green tones associated with nature.   Time and Glass 2.0 also refresh their range of finishes, introducing new colours that range from blue to terracotta and include tan brown. Earthy hues make their way into the kitchen, bringing warmth, light and a cosy glow. For a more modern effect, Time and Wega also have a range of metallic lacquers; the colours are more understated, but the sheen is sublime. Collections of singular sophistication.    Are you looking for an original kitchen that suits your personality? Get in touch with one of our retailers: they will give you guidance as you discover all of Arredo3’s new products and help you to plan your dream composition.    

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