Frida is contemporary: free and unconventional. 


It does not require a label amid the traditional dilemma between classic and modern. Thanks to therecognisable solid wood frame door with integrated handle grip, the varied range of open pore lacquered, pickled and wood finishes, and to dedicated accessories, you can make it the kitchen that represents you. With its slatted doors and back panels, balanced by the metallic contrasts of shelf supports and the original support for the peninsula, Frida can be adapted to meet all your needs and reflect the essence of your style. Choose finishes in the most natural shades and add handles if you want to obtain a bold and timeless result. Make your Frida kitchen dynamic with slatted doors, a contrasting countertop and a peninsula snack top, with its characteristic support. Juggle with volumes and materials: in the accessorised wall system, include slatted wainscoting with shelves and metal supports designed especially for Frida. Add original cupboard modules and combine with the Factory metal frame and wired glass doors, placing the bottleholder next to the peninsula to create continuity between full and empty spaces. If, instead, you are looking for a context with an elegantly contemporary and inviting atmosphere, choose doors in dark shades, exploiting the integrated handle grip and create a harmonious contrast with the top and the tinted doors of the glass-door cabinet. Frida can be adapted with an elegant island that houses the hob and dominates the centre of the kitchen: connect it to the wall using a snack top in the same finishes as the base and wall units if you prefer a peninsula that expresses an attractive and practical kitchen. Be inspired by the detail of the ceramic back panel, in continuity with the countertop, enhanced by the lightness of the 3 mm burnished metal "Air" open modules that connect wall units and tall units.

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