Furnishing a small kitchen: some tips for you


Is your kitchen small? No problem, because today many solutions help you gain space and stylishly furnish even the most limited surfaces. The promotional images of all kitchen manufacturers show dream homes, with very large spaces. Of course, not everyone can have a large house and there is a heartfelt need, particularly of those who live in the city, to furnish a small kitchen in order to make it beautiful, complete and functional.

1. Choose a full-length/height wall system

The easiest way to organise a small kitchen is to use a single wall. Even just 8 or 10 square metres are enough to create a small kitchen. If you have a small open plan living room/kitchen, you can use a recess and exploit the width of the wall with furniture units that cover all the available surface. For example, our Zetasei, with its lowered skirting board, allows you to increase storage space and make the most of the space in height.

2. Make use of corners

The kitchen can occupy a wall and then extend in length, or into a recess. Even a small one. All you require is a 60-centimetre recess, at least 1.80 metres wide, to put in everything you need, including a small refrigerator, a sink and wall units.

3. Use the "resulting" spaces

If your kitchen is small and lacks worktops, you can make them yourself. How? A chopping board can become a worktop if you slide it over the sink. Some special sinks are available with a built-in chopping board.

4. Avoid a cramped effect

If your kitchen is very small, and maybe even not very bright, our advice is to alternate wall units with other lower unit to avoid creating a cramped effect.

5. Choose a modular customisable kitchen

A modular kitchen is essential for small spaces. You need a kitchen that is highly versatile and customisable. All Arredo3 kitchens, for example, have units measuring 30, 45 or 60 cm, which adapt to every need and are therefore suitable for spaces of any size. Of our most suitable kitchens, we can recommend Cloe and Kalì.

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