Glass 2.0 gets an update: here is all the news

19 JULY 2022

Glass 2.0 updates its range of finishes, offering new solutions for those seeking a refined, elegant and efficient kitchen. With a close eye on the sustainability of materials, Arredo3’s most refined kitchen receives an update, with 16 eco-friendly finishes drawn from the Gaia Range. Vibrant colours like terracotta and blue appear in gloss and matt glass versions, while Laminam ranges from light tones such as Statuarietto to darker shades, including Greek black, satisfying a variety of tastes and requirements.   Stand-outs of the new Glass 2.0 range are the cupboard door with ribbed-glass front, featuring an elegant 3D effect, ideal to give a sense of movement to kitchen designs. Available in pure-white, terracotta, blue and black matt glass, this detail enhances the whole, compatible with the ranges of base units and wall units and perfectly paired with the classic Glass 2.0 smooth doors. A ribbed-finish door can be the ideal starting point for effects that play with lines and volumes.   Sustainability continues to be the keyword for all new releases from Arredo3. Glass takes centre stage for the Glass 2.0 model, as a material that fits perfectly with the concept of environmentally friendly kitchen interiors. The fact that it is 100% recyclable makes it perfectly aligned with circular-economy principles and enables reuse of the product, reducing its environmental impact.   The new releases for Glass 2.0 go beyond finishes: For this model Arredo3 also offers a closing side panel with grip profile for island or linear installation, so that the aesthetic effect continues all the way along the composition. Perfect for a kitchen that embodies refinement in every detail.   Want to explore all of the new 2022 Arredo3 products? Book an appointment at one of our retailers. You will be met by professionals ready to design your custom kitchen.  

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