Ideas and tips for decorating the dining table in summer

23 JULY 2017

Summer is not only higher temperatures and longer days, but also a state of mind! We change our habits, our diet and we want to travel, at least in our thoughts. This mood of ours can also be reflected in how we set the table in order to amaze and delight our guests. Here are 5 ideas for decorating the dining table in summer

1. Use bright colours

Green, pale blue, yellow and some shades of pink are colours that delight the eyes and satisfy our desire for brightness. You can choose how much to use them and which objects, but we recommend not taking a too stingy approach and indulging. Summer, after all, only lasts 3 months!

2. Amaze everyone with original embellishments

What does summer make you think of? We think of a warm place, with a slight breeze and many beautiful and colourful animals What is the right decoration for us? A nice parrot. Think about summer and what visual images you associate with it in order to help you find the right decoration. Dried fruit peel or objects from the seaside, such as shells or small ropes, are some of the easiest ideas to implement.

3. Placemats instead of tablecloths

A tablecloth is very old-fashioned and very conventional. Why not avoid it? Especially if your table is a beautiful table, perhaps a wooden one, using small individual placemats is a good idea for giving your dining table an original touch.

4. Choose fresh materials

Napkins and placemats made of linen, hemp or other natural and new materials will surely be appreciated by your guests, who will find them new, beautiful and original.

5. Aromatic plants on the table

Especially if you eat outdoors, perhaps in a garden or on a terrace, we recommend putting a couple of aromatic plants on the table. How nice it will be if your guests can dress their dishes with basil, thyme or mint, picking them with their own hands. Flavours become locally sourced! When it comes to decorating your table and setting it in style, the first criteria to consider is always ourselves: our tastes, our personality and those of our guests. But in summer we are all a little more 'free' and you can be bolder. Our tips are easy and we are sure that by following all or some of them you will amaze your guests and keep them happy with a breath of fresh air.

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