The perfect partner for your daily routine - Arredo3’s slide-out snack counter

25 MAY 2021

Perhaps it is its sheer versatility (a much-appreciated quality in this time of flux between home, office and family life) or maybe it is its informal yet up-for-anything vibe (just what we all need when hanging out at home), but whatever the reason, the snack counter really delivers in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It is an extra surface for those times when we need more space for food preparation or those days when we are stuck in the kitchen working from home; it is an easy solution for lunch on the run or a countertop for informal pre-dinner drinks with friends. 

For all these kitchen routines but also for impromptu gatherings and surprise guests, a snack counter will never let you down. Entirely customisable from its size to its final finish (you can even choose the type of leg or opt for a slide-out version), it expresses your personality and looks welcoming while fitting seamlessly into your Arredo3 kitchen. 

However you look at it, the slide-out countertop/breakfast bar is an innovative solution of great visual impact. Not only is it functional and sleek, as you might expect from a countertop, but by sliding it out to the front or at the side, you get all the freedom and extra space you need - as and when you need it. 

If kept over the worktop, it serves as a work station, but if you slide it out, it is ideal for get-togethers and gives the kitchen an up-tempo welcoming feel. Whether it is on one or two sides, depending on the way it has been set-up, the slide-out counter is just begging to be loaded with drinks and food. So, you can rely on it to be quick and practical. No furniture has to be moved around, it is all there, ready and waiting for you to use it. 

Here are some tips to help you lay your counter simply yet stylishly. Make sure your choices chime with its down-to-earth nature and go for an unfussy look and create interest with the materials. 

Keep it all pared back to a minimum and pick neutral tones which will create a cohesive look and suit any occasion. Glass is not only a modern choice, it is also characteristically light and airy, and whether you go for the timeless elegance of transparent glassware or opt for uplifting colourful glasses summertime carafes, it will always look impeccable. 

One staple for your snack counter which will round off the whole setting is a set of kitchen stools. Arredo3 has a vast range for you to browse and there are perennial favourites like wood but also more contemporary materials which can be had with sharp edgy silhouettes or soft inviting curves. 

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