The first Arredo3 Store in Veneto opens in Verona !


The new Arredo3 Store, the first in the Veneto region, covers an area of almost 250 square metres. It has opened in a strategic area on the outskirts of Verona, in the Vago di Lavagno shopping area.   Here, visitors will be welcomed to a space designed down to the minutest detail, leading them along a route punctuated and defined by a lighting system for a convenient experience of kitchens and living areas.  The spaces are arranged against a background of neutral colours for floors, with intense colours for walls in shades of grey and black, providing an elegant atmosphere. They lead visitors to discover the extensive display area, accompanying the transition to the consulting area, where offices and a large material library are located. Special attention has been given to materials, not only in designing the new Store but also, and above all, in choosing to make a wide range of samples available to visitors, who can touch, discover and recognise them. Always guided by the expert assistance of designers, who will be able to meet all their needs and wishes in complete safety.  

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