The kitchen backsplash: spice the space up

6 MARCH 2022

A system designed to keep essentials close to hand, the accessorised backsplash is an ideal way to exploit the gap between the base and wall units in a kitchen. The backsplash provides a space for racks, hooks and shelving where accessories, utensils and even décor items can be placed, making the worktop more useful without having to make sacrifices in terms of stylishness. Ideal for small kitchens where each single centimetre of space is at a premium, they also have immense potential in large areas where they generally contribute to ease of movement and efficiency.  Arredo3 offers a variety of accessorised backsplashes. There are ones featuring open shelving with external sides in anodised aluminium and the back panel and shelves with a melamine-faced, PET or veneered finish. They are ideal for spice jars, small condiment holders, cups and glasses. Everything you need for effortless cooking and all those other routine kitchen activities.  On the other hand, the Open backsplashes were designed to fill the space between base and wall units as well as for floor-level and over-countertop solutions. They can be applied to kitchen compositions with a novel scheme. An accessorised backsplash can be made to extend right down to the floor for a statement aesthetic, or it can be part of an island, providing a greater amount of space for utensils. The backsplash can be easily adapted to the homeowner's individual requirements thanks to a broad range of accessories. For instance, coffee-holics can include a capsule holder whereas amateur chefs who want to flick through new recipes can use it to rest a tablet holder on.   Available in a coated, glass, HPL laminate, Laminam and Dekton version, magnetic backs are also ahead of the curve. They allow kitchen users to place accessories over the entire surface area, organising their work space as they see fit. The light-up version is quite remarkable too with a LED light that illuminates the working zone. When the Smart Moving system is on, the amount of light can be varied via a series of sensors, and, simply by moving your hands, you will be able to switch the light on or off, or increase/decrease its intensity.   For kitchen owners who will only settle for the very best, there is the Bright light-up backsplash with a laser-etched plexiglass panel that causes the LED light to radiate out evenly. This solution ensures a perfectly lit worktop throughout the day as well as the possibility of storing accessories, such as shelving and kitchen-roll holders, so everything is always at your fingertips.    Get in touch with one of our retailers to benefit from a personalised consultancy session and discover which solutions suits your kitchen best.

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