Aria’s aura of uniqueness.

25 MARCH 2021

Aria has a stylish air and oozes personality. The detailing has become even more essential: the minimalist edging delineates the cabinet doors, the ultra-thin shelves lend lightness to the panelled structure and the closing side panels are a mere 12 mm thick. Aria is a free spirit: an evolutionary design that goes beyond the common concept of a kitchen. The Aria project translates the requirements of our modern lifestyle and reinterprets our perception of space. Hugely versatile, it carves out spaces to be shared with others, creating settings that flow into each other. Symbolising Aria’s multifunctional soul, the new open baskets feature a geometrical design with horizontal and vertical lines which are reminiscent of abstract art. Aria has an air of uniqueness about it. Because you can be whoever you want, but you decide to be your own unique self. 

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