An integrated handle for a trendy style: our Kronos collection

2 OCTOBER 2019

One of the trends in kitchen furniture for 2019-2020 is certainly the absence of handles: we are now focusing on lighter and more dynamic opening systems. A perfect example is our Kronos collection, a design project featuring a door with an extruded aluminium frame and an integrated handle. This functional solution enhances a clear-cut, rigorous and extremely up-to-date design. The Plana grip profile system, also available for this project, can also be applied vertically to tall units. Kronos offers the perfect combination of technology and fine materials. The panel is available in six different materials: laminate, HPL, Fenix, wood, glass and Laminam, whereas the carcase structure is made of a wood panel, Th.18 mm, in compliance with CARB P2. The kitchen offers a modern, urban style with a touch of industrial chic.  We are presenting six compositions to adapt to all types of contexts and requirements of space. All of them have handles integrated in the frame and a plinth with a titanium finish.

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