“Meeting up in the kitchen is a show”. Advertising campaign 2024 on TV, radio, the press and social networks


We have spent our first 40 years developing a considerable technical know-how, increasingly refined finishes and a sharp awareness to grasping market needs and trends and transforming them into proposals for our range. Today we have a broad and well-structured product range boasting elegant and modern products that reflect our taste for design yet perform well in everyday conditions.  

Arredo3 kitchens are indeed a lot more than a mere space in which to spend lots of time. They are a place where people, colours, tastes and stories meet and combine to play out something extraordinary. Daily. Where surprises are prepared, stories are born, people are celebrated and the senses are hyper-stimulated, where refined and elegant combinations of kitchen furnishings become part of that unique stage that is life

With the advertising campaign 2024 we have decided to present this spectacular way of experiencing the home’s core environment in different ways each time, yet always personal and customisable. Our promise of value is to offer a design and Italian-made kitchen that is at once sustainable and unique – yours. This year we renew our vow by relying on an emotional and – we hope – not too predictable interpretation revolving around the slogan “Meeting up in the kitchen is a show”. It will be aired during the Sanremo Music Festival, the most distinctly Italian of shows, which also marks our first appearance on TV.  

Following the TV broadcasts between February and March on the main TV channels, during the course of the entire year we will be present with printed and digital announcements on the main online and offline newspapers, the most popular furniture magazines and others, on national radio and on digital channels. 

The omnichannel campaign celebrates the taste for beauty we share with our customers, who desire an Arredo3 kitchen for its design, genuine Italian craftsmanship, technology and sustainability. In such an environment, even a simple invitation to dinner can turn into an absolutely extraordinary event. A red-carpet show. Let’s roll out the red carpet! 

Arredo3 kitchens: as unique as you are. 

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