Modus: equipped channels for the Arredo3 kitchen

8 JUNE 2020

The equipped channel for the Modus kitchen, with a titanium-painted aluminium structure, is one of the Arredo3 solutions that makes the functional area even more functional. It is practical and customisable thanks to the many options available:

  • lay-on equipped channel
  • 2-level equipped upstand
  • recessed equipped channel
  • available in modules of various lengths
  • customisable by combining different modules
  • with elegant accessories in American walnut veneer
The accessories of the equipped channels are interchangeable and can be positioned where required. They are designed to be functional and meet the most varied needs. You can choose from trays in different sizes, spice racks, pot holders, knife holders and simple partitions for customised use. The recessed version also includes trays with a built-in electric socket, the only ones that require a fixed position, as they need to be wired. They are practical because they allow appliances to be used on the worktop, regardless of whether you have an in-line kitchen, an island or a peninsula kitchen. In the kitchen, the Modus equipped channel is so practical that we have transformed it into a matching accessory for drawers so that the spaces of Arredo3 kitchens are always tidy and fully exploited. In general, Modus equipped channels are a simple way to customise any kitchen. Practical to install and use thanks to the modularity of the individual elements, they elegantly keep things tidy and functional. Think about where you can best insert a Modus equipped channel, and choose the model from Arredo3 modern kitchens that best reflects your style.  

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