New finishes for Asia, Kalì and Round

1 APRIL 2020

The finish of a kitchen is vitally important because it keeps us company all day, from our morning coffee to our lunches and dinners until it bids us goodnight. That's why at Arredo3 we always carefully study people's tastes and evaluate trends: in the kitchen it's better if they are long-lasting. In these early months of 2020, we are updating the finishes of three of our kitchen models:  Asia, Kalì and Round. And here they are, with a whole lot of new inspiration! Asia, with a nod to a combination of industrial design and wood, is enhanced with the entire range of matte lacquers available for the Time model, as well as travi veneer in 4 oak finishes. Travi is obtained from the structural beams of old houses and expresses all its poetic nature. Our young and new Round collection includes register pore laminates, which highlight wood veins, grain oak and coffee oak. Available finishes also include matte PET, a durable, eco-friendly material that is easy to clean. It comes in three colours: selenium, blackboard and corinth red. Kalì, already available in a wide variety of finishes to make every personality feel like a protagonist, offers  even more: brushed textured surfaces now include two new finishes, snow resin and powder resin. Laminates, which skilfully reproduce wood finishes, see the addition of Imperial walnut, light oak and dark oak. Fenix finishes now include 14 colours, whereas PET is available with a black, white and selenium wood edge. Now take a look at their style! Where does it come from? Asia, Kalì or Round?

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