Personalisation, stylishness and functionality: Arredo3 presents its new catalogue of tables and chairs

1 APRIL 2021

Here at Arredo 3, curated detailing has always been not only our top priority, but above all our overriding goal. We supply innovative, modular and personalised solutions for the kitchen and living area - ones which meet a host of different needs and desires. But before a project can be really complete, furnishing accessories, like tables, chairs and stools, play a necessary part in imbuing it with the right personality. Which is why Arredo 3 has a brand-new edit of tables, chairs and stools, all of which have been meticulously studied and carefully curated. The end result is a vast range of new items designed and created to meet all possible requirements in terms of style and able to meet all needs. The panoply of models has been classified as classic or modern, making use of traditional yet up-to-date materials, such as wood, or re-imagined with more hi-tech and contemporary finishes.

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