Cutlery holders and accessories: organise your kitchen space

15 DECEMBER 2021

Cooking is also about organisation. A well-structured design in which each utensil can be tidied away into its own place means that you move more swiftly, waste less time and generally take greater pleasure from being in the kitchen. It is not just a question of kitchen layout per se (one wall, L-shaped, island, etc.), but it also depends on the positioning and type of base and wall units which must allow for easy access to storage, equipment and utensils.  Of the various systems available, the cutlery tray outshines the rest as a drawer insert in a base unit. It accommodates forks, knives, spoons and ladles, and in the most up-to-date versions, it even caters for scales or a bread board. Arredo3 has 2 ranges of cutlery trays - Antaro and Legrabox, each of which comes in various types that differ in terms of structure and material. What they do have in common is the cutlery tray in recycled plastic, an environmentally-friendly accessory that will delight anyone who seeks functionality and sustainability. It has been made from recycled polypropylene (PP) obtained from 50% industrial and/or pre-consumer waste.    On the other hand, the cutlery tray in solid ash is the item of choice for anyone who loves the strength and warmth of wood. For instance, in the black and oak finishes for the One series (Antaro), it fulfils all requirements in terms of practicality and aesthetics.   Alternatively, anyone who is looking for a highly functional solution should take a serious look at the cutlery trays with non-slip bases in charcoal grey, as in the Jazz series (Legrabox). Flatware will nestle securely inside the drawer inserts and stay snugly in place even when the drawer is pulled out.  The Modus series (Legrabox) is also well worth a mention. Crafted with the same non-slip base as the Jazz series, it has raised edges and partition walls in veneered canaletto walnut HPL. All the drawer inserts can be used inside the equipped Modus channels too.   If you would like to see all available cutlery trays and take advantage of expert advice on how to solve your specific requirements, please get in touch with Arredo3's retailers.

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