Enjoy freedom in the kitchen with Time

8 APRIL 2022

In the broad range of modern kitchens offered by Arredo3, Time stands apart for its pristine lines and the great selection of coloured lacquers on offer which makes customisation really easy. Fresh and youthful, it is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to express their own personality while retaining understated elegance  What puts the Time collection in a league of its own is the sleek cabinet door which brings to the fore the beauty of whatever matt, glossy or metallic finish is chosen; what's more, the door is compatible with grip profile, push-pull and handle opening systems. So, aesthetics and functionality are given equal weight in this collection where cabinet doors, drawers and extractable baskets open effortlessly with a secure easy grip.   And if you want to add a touch of sophisticated flair to your composition, Time gives you that possibility. With the Standard and Teca models, you can insert glass cabinet doors that give the refined effect of a display cabinet in the kitchen.   Custom designed, Time offers a series of original innovative solutions, such as the Maxxi units with floor-level doors which create a monolithic effect, and the Lateral column units from which the cabinet doors protrude slightly for ease of opening.    Designed to meet the most individual needs, this collection lends itself to spacious settings and small spaces alike. It is also suitable for living areas in homes with an open-plan layout. Indeed, for anyone seeking sightlines that harmoniously flow into each, Time is indeed a perfect choice. Colours, lines and materials can made to tie in with wall-mounted solutions with baskets, backpanels, shelving or capacious sideboards  Be inspired by our Time designs and place your trust in our experts. Create a kitchen that elevates your space and fits your needs.    

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