Urban-Jungle Style: when the jungle comes to town

6 MAY 2021

If an escape to the exotic seems to recede into the distant future, nothing can stop us from inflecting our home environment with a tropical twist! With summer on the horizon and the stirring of wanderlust in our veins, many of us feel the urge to revamp our home setting to make it an even more inviting haven of relaxation and regeneration. Jungle style - or Urban Jungle style - has been cropping on magazine pages, Instagram posts and design collections for some time, but now, it seems to have really caught on probably because it appeals to our need for sustainability and our desire to reconnect with nature. This trend has developed into multiple different versions, some of which are rather outlandish while others have a Botanical feel, but each one can be varied and adapted to your own setting and made to match your personality. Plants play a starring role here - the bigger the better. High-impact and manifold, foliage becomes an integral part of the décor. Positive vibes are guaranteed. Not only will you find it easier to unwind and recharge your batteries, your environment will be healthier too. Which is why plants do not only lend themselves to places where we gather for social reasons, such as the living room , but also to areas of the house which work the hardest, like the kitchen , bedroom and the bathroom. If light and space is at a premium, you can opt for small houseplants (either succulents or trailing species), placing them at different heights, hanging them from the ceiling with hooks, or positioning them on ladders and decorative stools. This is the ultimate solution for areas like the kitchen and the living room which usually have shelves or ledges set at varying levels. On the other hand, if you have enough space, opt for medium-sized or large ornamental plants. Ideally, they should rest on the ground nestling in jute planters or ceramic pots, preferably in sets of three or four so as to create a lush green corner.  Some visually-striking indoor plants that perfectly express the Jungle trend are Ficus Lyrata, which requires a sunny spot and frequent watering, and Monstera Deliciosa and Strelitzia Nicolai which thrive best in bright light. Then, there are Kentia, Ficus Elastica, Zamioculcas and Sansevieria will also grow in low-light conditions and need little water. Another important factor in Jungle style is wallpaper, which should feature tropical patterns or animal motifs in vibrant hues, be doused in botanical sprays or have luxuriant soothing greenery against a white background. The same sort of motifs and patterning on prints and pictures will also usher in the right aura and can be arranged in groups on the walls in the living zone  or the bedroom. Still on a natural note, the ideal materials for this kind of décor are wicker, rattan, bamboo or wood. Of course, the latter is particularly versatile and suited to all kinds of environments in the form of furnishing accessories, such as  tables  or chairs , or a full-scale natural look in the kitchen  or iving room. Remember to preserve the same fresh feel when you choose upholstery for your sofas as well as your cushion and curtains fabrics which should preferably be in cotton or linen. Green should definitely be a predominant colour in your palette, but mix in some softer hues such as beige or blush pink as well, or, if you want, go for a pleasing counterpoint with blue, yellow or orange.

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