The 5 advantages of steam cooking

20 APRIL 2018

Originating in eastern cultures, steam cooking is increasingly appreciated throughout Europe, especially in Italy. This cooking method allows you to prepare tasty dishes with a reduced calorie content, avoiding the use of oils and fats. And what is the result? Good health, taste and a variety of recipes! Here are 5 main advantages of steam cooking:

It preserves the main nutrients

As there is no direct contact with water, the nutritional substances in food are not lost. Food therefore retains its nutrients much better.

Full and genuine flavour

Steamed foods retain their own genuine flavour, allowing us, in a certain sense, to “rediscover” their real essence. This cooking method is ideal for fish and vegetables in particular.

Light dishes

The steaming method does not require cooking with oil therefore it avoids producing unwanted fats. The resulting dishes are very light, healthier and gentle on the palate. When cooking fish and chicken, the steam dissolves the fat, making food lower in calories and more easily digestible.

Almost no smells

In most cases, steam cooking reduces the unpleasant smells typical of some foods. Try it to believe it!

Quick and inexpensive

Steam cooking is a quick way to prepare our dishes and allows us to cook several different foods at the same time while saving time and having fewer pots and pans to wash.

Steam cooking? Also in the oven!

When you think about steam cooking, you usually imagine the classic tiered steamer. But steam cooking can also be done in special ovens. A steam oven can fully enhance flavours. In addition to having all the functions of a traditional oven, it allows you to cook almost anything, from bread to meat, providing a typical combination of taste and crunchiness.

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