Trends in materials for 2020: the kitchen gets a new look in Laminam and glass

15 OCTOBER 2019

It is time for innovation, especially with regard to materials. Let's discover together the most innovative ones for the kitchen world, which will accompany us for the trend in home design 2019-2020.


One of the most important is certainly Laminam, an industrial ceramic material that can be easily reproduced, even for extensive surfaces. Laminam is one of the most used materials in the kitchen due to its features:
  • it is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, UV rays and thermal shock;
  • it does not deteriorate with humidity or with high or low temperatures;
  • it is hygienic and practical, and can be cleaned with detergent and chemical products.
Laminam, adaptable to all the kitchens in our range, is not limited to being used only for countertops. This innovative material can also be found on the inside the doors of the Kronos kitchen, in an ideal combination for those who want modern aesthetic appeal and great practicality.


Elegance, contemporary appeal and shine: glass, as we know, has always been a unique material that perfectly combines with other finishes, such as wood or lacquers. In the kitchen, glass offers many qualities, especially the following:
  • it is easy to clean
  • it is anti-bacterial
  • it is hygienic
Base units with glass doors can be found in our Kronos and Glass kitchens, perfectly reflecting this trend.

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