A bookcase in the kitchen with Arredo3

17 JANUARY 2023

Arredo3 also provides solutions for the living area that coordinate with the kitchen and we often make use of two hugely versatile bookcase styles - Factory and Free. Both have an environmentally-friendly frame in aluminium, a material that can be indefinitely recycled, and both have the option of an integrated TV unit and a top for an office-work station.    The Factory bookcase is a free-standing system and must, therefore, be placed against a wall. Available in various heights, it has been completed with shelves in a variety of materials and the numerous finishes on offer for Arredo3 kitchens. The Free bookcase is a kitchen planner's delight because of the freedom gives for compositions. It can be wallmounted, attached to the ceiling (therefore, occupying a central position in the room) and even placed over an island or peninsula. But that isn't all it has to offer. It can be completed not only with shelving (and Arredo3's offers a vast range of finishes), but also with storage trays, bottlerack units and high-sided shelving that stops items from slipping off.  Because there is no denying that kitchen bookcases are becoming increasingly popular.   They can be used to hold recipe books, pretty vases and pots containing aromatic herbs for cooking. But that is the least of it. A kitchen bookcase can also be a strategic piece with shelving that accommodates all kinds of utensils and acts as a partition in the living room, or it can be a cohesive separator which ties together two otherwise distinct spaces. And it can also solve WFH dilemmas. Whatever you decide to use it for, a kitchen bookcase is always a good idea.  If you want to learn more about Factory and Free bookcases, and their immense potential for kitchen compositions, get in touch with your local Arredo3 retailer.

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