Wega: all the latest additions to the collection


Contemporary and airy, Wega is a collection designed for those who love welcoming guests to their home and seek an original solution that will dovetail with the living area too. The trademark of this collection is a handleless cabinet door with a grip integrated into the panel that creates a sleek pristine appearance. With a bottom grip, the new version has a compact silhouette and is meant to have a cabinet door placed either above or beneath with a classic top handle in the tall units. Thus, the space for the opening maintains the same height throughout the whole composition, making for a cohesive look.   In order to allow for greater personalisation and meet any special requirements, Arredo3 has also extended the Wega collection with a wider array of units featuring new sizes for base and tall units as well as cabinets. Furthermore, it has updated the range of available finishes, offering modern and easy-to-match shades. These go from the darker hues of matt Stromboli PET and tinted oak laminate to the subtler tones of dusty resin, chromium resin or hemp oak, including the bold beauty of the matt and glossy Time lacquers. Indeed, for homeowners who want to go for an unusually audacious aesthetic, the fresh vivid palette of blue, tan and terracotta makes for a truly unique composition. Last but not least, the innovative effect of metallic lacquer (like platinum, champagne and bronze) is the perfect way to put together an incontrovertibly refined setting with an elegant vibe.   Are you looking for a versatile, functional kitchen with sophisticated overtones? Book an appointment at one of our retailers: our professional experts look forward to welcoming you and planning a made-to-measure kitchen that will suit you down to the ground! 

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