Kitchen style: choose the one that suits you best

Minimalist, industrial style, all-white or with retro overtones - what style of kitchen is closest to your heart?

Minimalist appeal in the kitchen

Pristine, pure and pared-back: a stylishly minimalist kitchen is dependent upon restraint. Each single element must serve a specific need and practicality and ease of use must always be uppermost in the kitchen planner's mind. Handleless cabinet doors with grip profiles built into the panel epitomise a minimalist kitchen because the sharp lines created by the grip profile have a characterful feel and their streamlined shape adds to the pristine beauty of the whole composition. Your choice of colour and textures will be fundamental in defining the soul of the environment: monochrome minimalism or exquisite detailing? The worktop, cabinet doors and base units can take on any guise you want thanks to the lacquered, laminated or PET finishes. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

A modern kitchen with industrial overtones

The warm hues and appealing grain patterning of blond wood set off by the dark tones of the wall and tall units: these are the hallmarks of an industrial-style kitchen which also features gleaming metal accents as well as total black or brass details for a glam touch. Drawing inspiration from New-York lofts in the 50s, industrial-style settings have been highly popular for a while. Revamped with modern zeitgeist, they continue to hold their own in the design world. Contemporary detailing takes this style to a new level: integrated handles, special finishes like lavagna matt polymer, or a special accessory such as a cantilever table are just some of the many ways that an industrial-style kitchen can be refreshed. Here are some ideas.

An all-white kitchen: timeless finesse

An all-white aesthetic ushers breezy elegance and light into the kitchen too. This is one of the reasons why a kitchen with completely white finishes is the ultimate space-enhancing solution. There are numerous ways to customise an all-white modern kitchen and give it a characterful feel: to name but a few, you can counterpoint glossy lacquered wall units and laminate which reproduces wood grain patterning, or add high-tech gleaming metal inserts, or opt for a combination of normal handles and grip profiles. If you want more inspiration, check this out. 

Nostalgic Design: a kitchen with a retro soul

A kitchen equipped with all modern comforts that features hardwearing finishes made from innovative materials, yet a kitchen that retains the retro charm of homes of yesteryear. The aesthetic you are looking for is a nostalgic one where heritage design melds with contemporary cool and both are bound together by technological developments. Nostalgic Design in the kitchen is channelled by sleek compositions that include traditional elements such as framed doors, mouldings and fluted glass. Everything is set off to perfection by lacquered finishes and an extremely contemporary palette which also features mist grey or seal grey. An appealing foil would be wood laminates or more modern Fenix finishes with a highly touchable surface. Find more inspiration for your kitchen here.