Space requirements in the kitchen

How to reconcile available space and design aspirations: a guide on how to assess size requirements and measurements

Standard composition, MAXXI or with a narrow plinth: learning about the technical specifics of each kitchen

If you want to understand kitchens and which one might be best suited to the layout of your home, you will need to have some knowledge of technical specifications and the size requirements of the most common compositions. The liveability of an environment is strongly influenced by these factors. If you want to move around with ease and confidence having your various household appliances and accessories within hand’s reach, it is essential to take these aspects into account. Of course, the first step is to examine the structural features of the place destined to be the kitchen: the shape of the room, the height of the ceiling, the position of tubes and the mains, and any intrinsic characteristics that might rule out the installation of one type of composition in favour of another, or might prevent drawers or cabinet doors from opening. And never underestimate the importance of prevailing design regulations that could affect the project. It will be necessary to familiarise yourself with these from day one. To help you effectively assess space requirements for your kitchen, here is an overview of the main kinds of composition.