Typical kitchen compositions

Whether you need to optimise a lack of space, bring the best out of a large room or inject some personality into a setting, the right kitchen exists for everyone.

The one-wall kitchen

This is an ideal design for a long narrow room with only one wall available.

There are multiple ways to customise compositions, making them highly functional even when space is at a premium. The expert's advice: in order to make it easy to move around a kitchen, you need make sure you work in a surface during the design phase for cutting and preparing food between the sink and cooktop.

The corner kitchen

The ultimate solution for anyone who need a spacious functional work surface.

Despite what you might think, it is not necessary to have an especially large environment for a kitchen like this. A corner composition can be easily adapted to the space available and it guarantees ease of movement and a smooth flow from a central working area which opens out towards the sink, cooktop and fridge.

The peninsula kitchen

Perfect for an open-plan layout, it is meant for anyone who needs to combine functionality and a desire to experience the whole environment to the full.

If the daytime zone has a single area that serves as both a kitchen and living room, a peninsula solution is the ultimate way to create a sense of continuity between them and exploit all available space. Whenever necessary, a peninsula can be used to extend the worktop or breakfast bar, and will help you to get the most out your home. We recommend installing a powerful extractor hood.

The island kitchen

Whenever you can count on a roomy airy atmosphere and a free rein in design terms, an island kitchen will be a dream come true.

Intended for social gatherings, entertaining and sharing, an island kitchen provides a combination of functionality, spaciousness and personality in one fell swoop. What you need is ample space and the ability to create the electrical systems and plumbing from scratch.