Browse the various materials & finishes for unique kitchens, one for everyone

Arredo3 kitchens are made from many different materials carefully sourced and available in a wide array of finishes. Each individual, couple and family can find a solution that suits them in terms of style, design, environmental awareness and colour.


Hardwearing, practical, hygienic and available in a vast array of colours: a laminate finish is obtained by coating panels with special resins, making it remarkably suitable for use in the kitchen.


PET is a polymer material that boasts many qualities, making it perfect for the kitchen. For instance? Not only is it impervious to water, stain-resistant and very hygienic, it also instantly enhances any setting with understated elegance.

Recycled PET

Reclaimed plastic, purified and processed to become a resilient, durable and practical PVC-free material. Attractive to look at and soft to the touch, it is available in many eco-friendly finishes, part of our environmentally-conscious Gaia range.


Hugely versatile and resistant, it will effortlessly express your own style in the kitchen. Thanks to the practical PVC coating, you can customise the finishes on the cabinet doors, either by choosing your favourite shades or with a natural wood effect.

UV Laquered

Laquered UV door has a glossy surface finishing with good resistance to scratches and wear.

Excimer UV laquered

Innovative technology which allows to obtain extremely matt surfaces with a soft-touch effect.


A lacquer finish will be ideal if you want an elegant cabinet door with a touch of finesse and plenty of personality. A wide range of glossy, matt and metallic colours for customising your kitchen in a monochrome palette or with contrasting hues.


In actual fact, it is a panel covered in a thin veneered sheet of wood which is then stained or coated in one of the various finishes. Whether it is for a modern or traditional setting, wood is always an excellent choice because it ushers in a warm inviting mood.


Stratified HPL is a laminate made of cellulose-fibre layers impregnated with resins which are also thermosetting on the external side to provide imperviousness and resistance to oils. The surface faithfully reproduces many textures and patterns.


Glass is a material made by melting natural substances and it is 100% recyclable. It is the ideal choice for breezy airy settings with contemporary overtones. You can choose between shiny, opaque or ribbed glass. Which one expresses your character the most?


Arredo3 quartz offers a selection of quartzes with quite fine grain patterning made up of recycled ceramic and quartz. The resulting slabs have a natural stone effect finish with exquisite full-body veining.


Industrial waste (glass, mirrors and granite) is mixed with a polyester resin obtained from renewable plant-based sources and turned into big slabs. These are Arredo3’s Cosmolite eco-conscious countertops, and they are sturdy, safe and resistant to thermal shock, abrasions and acids.


Outperforming hi-tech ceramic countertop made solely from natural materials. It is not only easy to clean, scratch-proof and heat-resistant, but also non-absorbent, resistant to acids and food safe. It has been made with materials of natural origin which have been carefully sourced and partly recycled to ensure that the product reaches the highest quality standards, is extremely hygienic and environmentally friendly.


calore, resistente a funghi e muffe, non alterabile dai raggi UV. Laminated porcelain obtained by wet grinding of clayey materials, granitic and metamorphic rocks with a feldspar component and ceramic pigments. Compacted by a special shaping and sintering process at 1200°C, with gas firing and reinforcement with inert material. These processes make the materials ideal for contact with food, suitable for external and internal use, heat-resistant, resistant to fungus and mould, and not altered by UV rays.

Iris ceramic

A slab of technical ceramic made of fine clays sintered at 1250°C, comprising a compact, frost-proof, waterproof (minimum water absorption) mixture that is resistant to aggressive chemical substances.


Slabs comprising minerals and only natural raw materials. Quartzes, feldspars, clays and kaolins are purified, atomised, pressed and sintered at a temperature of 1230°C. This makes the material resistant to wear, heat and acids, scratchproof and easy to clean. Over time, they do not show any unsightly effects of wear that are typical of resins and natural materials, and are not altered by heat or acids.


A sophisticated mix of raw materials used in building such as glass, cutting-edge ceramic materials and quartz. It is made using exclusive TSP technology. Its surface is highly resistant to scratching. Household utensils will not cut it, however, we recommend using a chopping board. With excellent resistance to high temperatures and UV rays, it maintains its appearance for its entire life.

Stainless Steel

Sturdy, hygienic, certified and extraordinarily resistant to corrosion: the kitchen countertop in Barazza Stainless Steel combines artisanal ability, cutting-edge technology, advanced performance levels and sophisticated stylishness for customised solutions and exquisite aesthetics.