A youthful, functional, elegant kitchen


Its linear beauty is tempered at the top by rounded edges for compositions that deliver practicality and stylishness at the same time.
Bridge handles
Grip profile opening
Standard height
Standard widths

A youthful kitchen with rounded edges as well as practicality and convenience

Round is a kitchen with a young vibe whose hallmark is a cabinet door with rounded upper edges. It features a panel in wood-particle board or MDF, has a post-formed edge and is slightly rounded on the vertical side and straight on the horizontal side with a grip or handle opening system. This gives rise to elegant functional kitchens not only because the shape of the door is inherently stylish, but also because Arredo3 products are designed to meet all kinds of requirements in terms of ordinary drawers, deep drawers, tall units, wall units, base units, islands and peninsulas. The end result? The kitchen of your dreams. For those who like smooth edges and practical solutions.

A superb selection of laminates, PET and polymer-veneered finishes

With Arredo3’s design-forward Round kitchen, you can express your personality at home. This model is extremely popular with first-time homeowners because it combines the extremely versatile nature of the units with a curated edit of finishes. It is the best way to make your first foray into the world of kitchens and reach important decisions with the help and guidance of our expert advisors. Arredo3 designers have carefully chosen three reliable materials with suitable finishes that will facilitate the process for you. You can take your pick from versatile laminates with a silken texture or wooden finish, practical matt PVC-free PETs and hardwearing polymer-veneered finishes.


Be inspired


Start imagining your next kitchen with the materials, finishes and colours available for the Round model.

The pre-selected materials and finishes cherrypicked by Arredo3 designers will be immensely helpful for anyone who is choosing a kitchen for the first time and needs to identify reliable hardwearing materials and finishes that will defy the vagaries of fashion.


Rovere grano Venato

Rovere caffè Venato

Bianco seta Opaco

Canapa Opaco

Visone Opaco

Terra Venato

Nebbia Venato

Bianco poro Venato


Lavagna Opaco

Rosso corinto Opaco


Perla Lucido

Bianco poli Lucido

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