New sustainable handles for the Glass 2.0 model

17 OCTOBER 2023

Our Glass 2.0 design kitchen reflects a marked attention to the environment and originally only included doors with aluminium frame and glass fronts, two materials that can always be recycled. We included new options over time – among them Laminam, pre-consumer recycled ceramic slabs obtained through sustainable production processes – and the possibility of freely inserting elements of our Gaia eco-sustainable set-up.   

We recently introduced new features for the standard grip opening of the Glass 2.0 model, namely three eco-friendly handles: Profilo, Quadra and Maniglia 30°, all made of aluminium, a resistant and lightweight material with a low environmental impact because it can be recycled countless times. 

Profilo is a pared-down handle resembling a grip profile in which to insert the fingers, Quadra has an integrated grip and a linear square-shaped design, while Maniglia 30° is a profile, slightly inclined to favour gripping, applied to the grip profile. All three versions can be positioned horizontally or vertically on doors and are available with coloured, neutral or contrasting shades by choosing from 5 different finishes: white, metal, titanium, black and champagne. 

To view the new handles of the Glass 2.0 model from close up, contact your nearest Arredo3 dealer

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