Everything tidy with the Mover back panel

13 DECEMBER 2023

An amazing back panel, that’s ideal for keeping everything tidy behind the sink and hob, even if you’re not a very tidy person. It is one of the Arredo3 solutions designed to let you move freely among the cooking area and to have everything on hand.  

The Mover module comes in various sizes; it is made up of a vertical sliding door that moves downwards with a simple movement of the hand and opens onto a space that can be used as desired. Single or paired, it can be organised with various accessories, such as ordinary and special shelves, Modus equipped channels and electrified sockets. On request, it can also be equipped with a luminous back panel. 

The Mover module can be fitted on Glass 2.0 kitchens with Quadra integrated grip or protruding grip, both made of aluminium, and on the Kronos model with aluminium integrated handle for an extremely clean effect.  

For more information, contact one of our dealers and visit their retail shop.

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