Kitchens with certified eco-friendly panels

18 MARCH 2024

Among our proposals we suggest considering eco-sustainable kitchens, which are made using certified eco-friendly panels. We rely on suppliers boasting extensive experience in recycling wood waste, which they transform into eco-friendly panels derived from post-consumer wood and having extremely low formaldehyde emissions, as required by law. The processing system is of certified quality and also sustainable both economically and ecologically, since it does not require the felling of trees. 

As always, the proposal suggested by Arredo3 is part of a sensitisation campaign aimed at raising awareness on the importance of respecting nature, through actions taking place within and outside the company. Moreover, ecological panels can be combined with other sustainability initiatives promoted by Arredo3. These include the Gaia eco-sustainable set-up which can be used to add eco-friendly elements and materials in any Arredo3 kitchen, however you like. 

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