The kitchen world: a handle or a grip profile?


The kitchen, the heart of the home, is not only a welcoming and aesthetically appealing place but it must also be practical and functional. It is precisely for this reason that opening systems have been developed to guarantee maximum comfort. The trends we want to focus on highlight the different types of opening systems, either enhancing or concealing them: the classic and timeless handle and the grip profile often made of extruded aluminium that can be painted. The trends in modern kitchens are leading to the disappearance of handles, favouring grip profile openings that emphasise the visual impact of the kitchen, thanks to the seamless effect of doors and enhancing effect of finishes, which is highly evident in our models such as  Kalì and Zetasei. They can also be applied to the entire Arredo3 range. Minimalist and functional, made of metal profiles, they can be opened straight from the edge. Grip profiles provide a simple elegant effect, whereas traditional handles come in a wide range and are almost without limits: from the timeless knob to horizontal or vertical bridge handlesEach handle complements the style and gives character to the design of your kitchen, facilitating the opening of doors and drawers (we mustn't forget that the kitchen is first and foremost a work place!). Among our classic models, Asolo, with its frame door and refined timeless style, has handles as its distinguishing feature. And now…are you still trying to decide between handles and grip profiles?

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