Refinement and sustainability for Tratto_10 - Arredo3’s brand-new kitchen model

6 JUNE 2022

An elegant up-tempo aesthetic, eco-friendly materials and an immense scope for customisation are the hallmarks of Arredo3’s new kitchen model - Tratto_10. Designed for homeowners who seek out singularity and sophistication, it boasts a distinctive horizontal or vertical line either across or down the cabinet door with an integrated handle profile. Imaginative kitchen planners or creative customers will surely be able to think of tasteful arrangements which play with the idea of light and shadow for original solutions that enhance the overall look of the composition.   However, the carefully curated appearance of this kitchen is not its only quality because Tratto_10 is also eco-friendly, the cabinet door and handle being an intrinsic part of the Gaia range. The door has been faced in recycled PET (available in various colours) and the handle comes in 100%-recyclable aluminium. This is, therefore, a new breed of kitchen that understands the requirements of a modern world in which it is pressingly important to be kind to the planet and give something back to the environment.   Tratto_10 is also Arredo3's kitchen model that lends itself most easily to customisation, both in terms of actual design but due to the vast array of finishes available. From neutral hues, like Panama, Pechino and Suez, to bolder shades like Amazonia, Islanda e Bali, for a kitchen with a stylishly standout personality that is in a league of its own.    Plan your new Tratto_10 kitchen with us: we will cater for your every need and turn the kitchen of your dreams into reality. We look forward to seeing you at one of our retailer's shops!   

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