A forest to help the planet to breathe: Arredo3 signs up for the Treedom project

14 JUNE 2022

Driven by a desire to take concrete action in order to safeguard our planet, Arredo3 has made the decision to take part in the Treedom project which involves planting trees in developing countries to create benefits for local communities in environmental, social and financial terms. Wood has always been an important part of Arredo3's corporate culture because it is intrinsic to the production of kitchens and living rooms. This is why it didn’t take us long to realise that we wanted to contribute to a shift in consciousness that will soon lead to a more sustainable world   Thanks to Treedom, a great many trees have already been planted in agro-forestry systems which include annual crops of corn, beans and wheat. Each tree naturally benefits for the whole planet, not only by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, but also in countless other different ways. Support to biodiversity, prevention of soil erosion and a lowering of climate temperature are just a few of the additional advantages that trees bring. Therefore, Treedom aims to build increasingly on existing forestland (like Arredo3's) and to create new woodland, thus fostering the virtuous interaction between various botanical species and contributing to a sustainable usage of resources and land.   Keenly conscious of the importance of this project, Arredo3 has not only decided to take part in it, but has also engaged its customers in the venture. It will gift a tree to anyone who buys a kitchen with eco-friendly elements belonging to the Gaia Range. Each tree will contribute to the growth of Arredo3's forest which will absorb 311 tons of CO2. A wonderful way to lower the environmental impact of our products while raising awareness about mankind's mission to save the environment.   Find out about the project from our retailers from July 2022 onwards. 

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