A modern elegant kitchen


Functionality and ergonomics, an unmistakably elegant aesthetic, wood or lacquered finishes and enhanced personalisation thanks to the Flex system.
Brera handle
Grip profile opening
Standard heights + 78 cm height
Standard widths + 75 cm width

A refined mood, from the slab or ribbed door to the exclusive accessories

The slab door is available with a grip profile opening system, an invisible push-pull structure or a wide array of handles, including the tasteful Brera handle designed for Arredo3. This model can be had with open-pore colourful lacquers or in solid wood in various finishes. Some have a distinctively nostalgic feel or, as in the travi version, are one-of-a-kind pieces derived from reclaimed post-consumer oak rafters, part of the sustainable Gaia range. The peak of sophistication is achieved by the Asia millerighe door in different hues, curated with advanced techniques that create row upon row of vertical grooves boasting a three-dimensional effect. It coordinates perfectly with snack counters, support structures, bookcases and accessorised bridges from the Tuttotondo and Arco collection - Arredo3 exclusives.

Functional ergonomic elegance with all the advantages of the Flex system

The Flex system boosts the inherent elegance of Asia with exceptional functionality and ergonomic features. It integrates units from other Arredo3 models as well as special units like Maxxi which boasts a dramatic monoblock effect particularly striking on the tall units with a front panel reaching down to the floor and covering the plinth. The Lateral doors play up this look even more because the units come down to the ground on the sides too and serve as an opening grip. The laundry units, Pocket units with bifold doors that fold away into the sides, open to reveal an area that can be adapted to your needs, and the Corner units can be used as personalised pantry space. Asia provides you with freedom and allows you to furnish the living area too. For refined people who adore wood.


Be inspired


Start imagining your next kitchen with the materials, finishes and colours available for the Asia model.

You can personalise your edgy elegant Asia kitchen with veneered wood finishes, with a refined millerighe effect or lovingly recycled beams, you can opt for the sheer sophistication of open-pore lacquers in white or even take your pick from 70 shades in a glossy or matt version.


Tortora Poro Aperto

Incenso Poro Aperto

Grigio perla Poro Aperto

Carta da zucchero Poro Aperto

Fossile Poro Aperto

Caffè Poro Aperto

Bianco puro Poro Aperto

Kaki Poro Aperto

Piuma Poro Aperto

Timo Poro Aperto

Rosso barocco Poro Aperto

Nebbia Poro Aperto

Fango Poro Aperto

Rosso rubino Poro Aperto

Nocciola Poro Aperto

Vulcano Poro Aperto

Verde muschio Poro Aperto

Verde foglia Poro Aperto

Verde oliva Poro Aperto

Selenio Poro Aperto

Grigio foca Poro Aperto

Lavagna Poro Aperto

Mango Poro Aperto

Grigio ombra Poro Aperto

Nero Poro Aperto

Cacao Poro Aperto

Ecrù Poro Aperto

Lava Poro Aperto

Blu Poro Aperto

Cuoio Poro Aperto

Cotto Poro Aperto

Off white Poro Aperto

RAL 9010 Poro Aperto

Lava Poro Aperto

Off white Poro Aperto


Rovere nature Poro Aperto

Rovere safari Poro Aperto

Rovere pergamena Poro Aperto

Rovere ebano Poro Aperto

Nude Decapè

Ice Decapè

Noce Decapè

Coke Decapè

Vintage naturale Poro Aperto

Vintage miele Poro Aperto

Nude Decapè

Ice Decapè

Noce Decapè

Coke Decapè

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