Design-forward and sustainable kitchen


Easy customisation thanks to a slab door punctuated by a handle profile which becomes an instantly recognisable characteristic trait of the kitchen.
Tratto_10 handle
Standard heights + 78 cm height
Standard widths + 75 cm width

A design-forward and highly customisable kitchen, enhanced by the Flex system

A horizontal or vertical line featuring an integrated handle profile that runs down or across the cabinet door. This is the hallmark of the Arredo3 model that lends itself best to customisation because it can be used to create sharp shadows in the shifting light and impart a carefully calibrated sense of refinement. The only limit is the kitchen planner’s imagination. Tratto_10 is also part of the Flex system, a collection of versatile options with common sizing and special units that allow you to mix and match elements belonging to different kitchen models. Which is why this refined and personalisable Arredo3 kitchen is so very popular with architects and interior designers. For kitchen-lovers who demand refinement, elegance and efficiency.

Eco-friendly materials in the kitchen: from recycled PET to the Gaia range

Right from the start, the ideal Tratto_10 customer was a nature lover. So, the slab door comes in recycled PET, reclaiming plastic, cleaning it and turning it into a PVC-free plastic with a hardwearing, practical and long-lasting structure that is not only attractive to look at and touch, but also available in many different finishes. On the other hand, the handle comes in 100%-recyclable aluminium. It makes sense that the Tratto_10 door and handle would become part of the sustainable Gaia range which only contemplates green materials and brings together countertops, open compartments, accessorised back panels, bookcases and tables made exclusively from environmentally-friendly, recycled and sustainable materials to build a kitchen with a low footprint.


Be inspired


Start imagining your next kitchen with the materials, finishes and colours available for the Tratto_10 model.

For a personalised eco-friendly kitchen, we have chosen a series of finishes all in refined, recycled and PVC-free PET with zero emissions and an extremely sturdy and easy-to-clean design.

Recycled PET

Amazonia Opaco

Panama Opaco

Suez Opaco

Pechino Opaco

Lima Opaco

Stromboli Opaco

Bali Opaco

Islanda Opaco

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Tap into the inspirations of those who chose Tratto_10

Tap into the inspirations of those who chose Tratto_10

Tap into the inspirations of those who chose Tratto_10