A modern, contemporary and versatile kitchen


A linear door with an integrated grip, a host of finishes and a vast choice of widths and heights for units with the Flex System options.

Integrated grip
Standard heights + 78 cm height
Standard widths + 75 cm width

A sociable kitchen with a contemporary vibe and personalisable design

The contemporary, versatile and functional spirit of Arredo3’s modern Wega kitchen shines through thanks to the pristine appearance of the handleless door with a grip built into the panel - a nostalgic note and Seventies-style redux. Its sleek silhouette is energised by the horizontal slits of the integrated-grip system which add character and create sharp lines that define the kitchen to perfection. Wega is well suited to projects that aim to bridge the gap between the bustling atmosphere of the kitchen and the peacefulness of the lounge with harmonious open-space solutions that our Arredo3 interior designers help to customise. For contemporary people who enjoy entertaining.

A wide range of finishes and freedom to compose with the Flex system

Express your style: personalise your modern Wega kitchen. You can choose from the whole range of Arredo3 matt and glossy lacquers with 5 metallic options, the embossed-in-register laminates showing grain patterning against a classic white base or in a frassino or rovere finish, and the more edgy and PVC-free PET in a neutral colour palette, with an elegant matt effect or an attractive resin effect. The versatile nature of Wega is further enhanced by a wide choice of units with bodies that reach 78 cm in height for the base units, 138 and 216 cm in height for the tall ones and 75 cm for the wide door - all fit the needs of the most modern kitchen. Additional freedom to compose comes from the Flex system which allows you to use elements from other Arredo3 models, but also special modules.


Be inspired


Start imagining your next kitchen with the materials, finishes and colours available for the Wega model.

It will be a modern, contemporary and versatile kitchen that you can personalise with the comprehensive range of Arredo3 glossy, matt and metallic lacquers, with the modern hardwearing laminates and matt PETs.


Fango Opaco

Selenio Opaco

Lavagna Opaco

Bianco puro Opaco

Piuma Opaco

Incenso Opaco

Cacao Opaco

Plumbeo Opaco

Fossile Opaco

Caffè Opaco

Kaki Opaco

Timo Opaco

Rosso barocco Opaco

Verde ambrato Opaco

Selenio Lucido

Fango Lucido

Lavagna Lucido

Platino Metallizzato

Bianco puro Lucido

Piuma Lucido

Incenso Lucido

Plumbeo Lucido

Verde foglia Opaco

Fossile Lucido

Caffè Lucido

Kaki Lucido

Timo Lucido

Mango Opaco

Rosso barocco Lucido

Cacao Lucido

Verde foglia Lucido

Mango Lucido

Nebbia Lucido

Vulcano Lucido

Nero Lucido

Grigio Opaco

Nebbia Opaco

Vulcano Opaco

Nero Opaco

Ecrù Lucido

Tortora Lucido

Grigio perla Lucido

Rosso rubino Lucido

Ecrù Opaco

Tortora Opaco

Grigio perla Opaco

Rosso rubino Opaco

RAL 9010 Lucido

Blu Opaco

Cuoio Opaco

Cotto Opaco

Blu Lucido

Cuoio Lucido

Cotto Lucido

Champagne Metallizzato

Bronzo Metallizzato

Carta da zucchero Lucido

Carta da zucchero Opaco

Nocciola Lucido

RAL 9010 Opaco

Nocciola Opaco

Verde muschio Lucido

Verde muschio Opaco

Verde oliva Lucido

Verde oliva Opaco

Grigio Lucido

Grigio foca Lucido

Grigio foca Opaco

Grigio ombra Lucido

Grigio ombra Opaco

Ossidato Metallizzato

Brunito Metallizzato


Bianco poro Venato

Rovere canapa Venato

Rovere fumè Venato


Resina polvere Effetto resina

Resina cromo Effetto resina

Lavagna Opaco

Bianco maxximatt Opaco

Fango Opaco

Recycled PET

Stromboli Opaco

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