Arredo3 personalisations - curated down to the smallest detail

9 JANUARY 2024

Anyone who has been following us will know that modern Arredo3 kitchen models are actually the equivalent of a limitless range due to their potential for personalisation: hybrid compositions with elements borrowed from various models, accessories created exclusively for us, versatile pieces with the environmentally-friendly Gaia range and numerous special units

In addition, we also offer lots of great little solutions which will help you to build your own bespoke kitchen right down to the tiniest detail. Perhaps we don’t always give these terrific solutions all the attention they deserve so here are some instances of them: 

  • units that rest on the kitchen countertop, excellent for creating a “dovetailed” aesthetic on the base units; they can be used for fitting one (or more) household appliances into or for housing a storage solution, and are available in a variety of sizes 

  • Déco units, these put a modern slant on legacy-style glass cabinets with a coated black aluminium frame and transparent sliding doors which reproduce the classic hole on smoky grey glass for ease of opening; available in two widths and three heights with a wide array of finishes for the back panels 

  • connecting units for base, tall and wall units which allow you to cohesively combine elements of differing depths  

  • end units with the Retta grip profile, side panels to be matched to wallmounted base units or the island for the models from Glass 2.0, Kronos, Kalì, Time and Asia in the case of a door with a Retta grip profile and in order to maintain the same look on the side panels; they are available for an uninterrupted continuation of the upper grip profile on the cabinet with a single door, and even with the addition of an intermediate one in the case of a front unit which includes a base fitted with deep drawers    

  • units with open compartments, end elements with a 60-cm door which covers two 30-cm compartments, one of which is completely closed while the other is visible and open at the side. This is ideal when an open-plan environment extends around the side of the kitchen because instead of seeing a side panel, you have the more pleasing view of the open shelving  

If you’d like to see these special units in detail and get a better idea of the vast potential for personalisation they provide, please visit one of our retailers.

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