The Alma contemporary kitchen, the new Arredo3 model 

31 OCTOBER 2023

When the days get shorter and we long for the cosy atmosphere of home, our mind goes to those olden-day kitchens that conveyed warmth just by looking at them. There are the inspiration for Alma, the new Arredo3 model that retains a distinctly traditional element, the framed door, reinterpreting the style with a fresher approach to suit new trends while preserving its evergreen appeal. 


Alma is a contemporary kitchen. Its framed doors are enhanced by the pared-down relief frame and the integrated grip. It is available in various modern and resistant laminate finishes, or in recycled PET, a sustainable material because it derives from plastic that has been recovered, cleaned and worked to obtain a PVC-free compound, which is long-lasting and practical to use. The model often includes glass wall units to retain a vintage appeal. 


Its fresh and accessible look, thanks to the transversal solutions we adopt for our kitchen designs, can be made even greener using elements taken from the Gaia eco-sustainable set-up, including eco-compatible, sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials for worktops, for example Laminam® and Cosmolite , or Abitum ceramic slabs. Alma’s functionality can be further enhanced through equipped wall panels and boiserie or with our special modules which can be used, for example, to add a laundry area, a pantry or a separate wine cooler in the kitchen. 


Take a look at our new model in the section dedicated to Alma

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